Mastercam From the Outside

I am attending an annual Vericut update training this week. Vericut specializes in simulation NC code regardless of where it was generated.

These classes are always attended by a mix of CAD/CAM users and it is a great opportunity to see their toolpath generation practices, their software limitations, the workarounds used. I am always impressed by how much some people can do with very little and on the flip-side how little some people can do with plenty.

I love hearing some of the Mastercam users explain how they can do things to NX or Catia users who can’t. Seeing the limited capabilities of other Cad/Cam packages confirms my belief that Mastercam can stand up to any other so called ‘high-end’ packages with confidence.

Year after year I repeatedly hear that Mastercam is everywhere and that it is the standard other CAM packages are measured by.

One Response to Mastercam From the Outside

  1. trogChoidor says:

    Great, I did not know about this topic until now. Thanx.

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