Published Articles

Some of my articles that were published in industry trade magazines:


Manufacturing Engineering
May 2012
Taming Multiblad Parts Programming


Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
December 2012
Particularly Attractive Technology

Manufacturing Engineering
August 2011
Port Machining No Problem

In racing, you can’t have too much horsepower, and one of the ways to increase it is to “let the engine breathe” by enlarging the intake and exhaust ports of the engine. Read on to see how Karlo Apro, product manager – multiaxis, explains how the porting process has changed.

CNC West
November 2010
Myths About 5-Axis Workholding

Driving multiaxis machines is a constant challenge, requiring close working relations between machine tool builders and CAD/CAM software developers. Multiaxis toolpath generation is all about control.

American Machinist
February 2010
In the Pursuit of 5-Axis Precision

To speak of the aerospace industry is to imply “precision”: One instantly thinks of beautifully engineered airliners, awe-inspiring jet fighters, and rockets to the moon and beyond. Aircrafts are manifestations of imaginative engineering and precise manufacturing execution. In a mere 100 years, airframes have evolved from a few tubes held together by piano wires to complex engineering marvels made of space age materials.

Cutting Tool Engineering
February 2010
Multiaxis Muscles Up

Today’s multitasking equipment allows many operations to be carried out at any one time, which can potentially increase productivity, reduce WIP, and reduce the cost of the final part.

American Machinist
August 2009
Gear-driven Machining

Growing markets such as wind energy, hydroelectric power and mining are driving the popularity of cutting low to moderate volumes of spiral bevel gears on 5-axis machining centers, as opposed to dedicated gear generating equipment. In addition to those markets, shops manufacturing gear cases and doing prototype work also are showing interest in 5-axis machines for spiral bevel gear cutting.

Cutting Tool Engineering
March 2009
The Impeller – Quintessential of 5-axis Machining

Few 5-axis machine users ever cut an impeller. Yet impellers are repeatedly used as examples by CAD/CAM software vendors and machine tool builders. There is a practical reason for this. Impellers have challenging shapes that ably demonstrate 5-axis capabilities.

Cutting Tool Engineering
September 2008
Multiaxis Machining Myths

Many misconceptions exist regarding 5-axis machining. This column will dispel a couple of them and explain when it makes the most sense to use multiaxis machining.

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    Hi Karlo-

    Just wanted to say keep up the great work!!!
    Miss you and Paula

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