Change Is

I am very excited to have accepted the position of Multiaxis Product Manager at CNC Software. This new challenge is both invigorating and scary at the same time. In case you don’t already know, CNC Software Inc. is the developer of Mastercam, the most widely used Cad/Cam software in the World. To date there are over 150 000 installations around this planet.


I have been in the industry longer than Mastercam. I started running multiaxis equipment in the days when all the axes where driven mechanically by cam plates and elaborate lever systems. I lived through the early days of NC using punch-card and later paper tape looping methods. I’ve seen many Cad and Cam systems come and go. I learned to use quite a few and seen many more in action during my years of on-site consulting. The experience taught me that no software is ever perfect for every job. Automatic ‘easy-to-use’ packages often left you stranded if the ‘automatic’ routines don’t work. I always preferred a Cad/Cam solution that gives you tools to work around problems. Mastercam gives you that control.


I have a very good idea of how a good tool should look and feel. Mastercam is already offering an extensive and powerful multiaxis suite. Mastercam is the only Cad/Cam company who has built an addition to its corporate facility to house its new state-of-art CNC machine shop. They know that the end product developed is not simply a CD in a fancy box – the end product is the ability to empower the users to generate reliable G-Code which will govern the motions of a CNC machine in order to manufacture any part.


They are testing the software right where it matters most – on real machines, in the same building where the software is being developed.


I am very proud to be part of this effort and have big plans for the future. I can finally drive an effort to match my imagination described in Secrets of 5-Axis Machining in creating the perfect toolset for multiaxis machining.


Watch the video below to see Mastercam in action.


One Response to Change Is

  1. Joerg Berger says:

    Karlo,I am from Fleet in Fort Erie I met you when you set up our vericut for our Modig Pofiline extrusion machine. Mastercam X4 is cumbersum to program parts with for this machine, we revert back to Mastercam v9, due to having to use multiple origin points for “U” axis pulls. Will X4 be changed to make it more user friendly for multiple origins?

    Joerg Berger

    ps I would like to talk to you one on one.

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