Positive energy

A bad workman always blames his tools. – Chinese proverb

You can give the same hammer to two people and one of them will fail to even drive a nail in while the other one will frame a whole house with it. It is human nature that the first one will blame the hammer and the second one may take all the credit.

One of the most basic truths in life are constantly ignored even though they have been repeated to us throughout the ages. THERE ARE NO LIMITS. Everything that you have ever experienced or will ever experience on this planet has always and will always happen inside your mind. All the limits, possibilities are set there by you. Everything that was ever accomplished has started there as a mere thought.

The mark of a master is that he/she makes the difficult look easy.
A scalpel is a simple tool, but it can perform miracles in the right hands.
When we look at the Mona Lisa we are awed by the talent of Leonardo da Vinci, we never think that ‘wow – that old Italian guy had a great paintbrush’.

It is also true that a great tool doesn’t make one an instant master . . . purchasing a Ferrari will not make you a better driver.

So never listen to those with limitations . . . those who blame a tool for their own shortcomings.

It is always more impressive to see someone accomplish a lot with very little than seeing someone accomplish very little with a lot.

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