Custom Application – Port Expert

Mastercam offers a number of Custom Multiaxis Applications designed to simplify complex but specialized solutions. The aim of Port Expert was to present the user with a simplified workflow for generation of predictable and reliable head-porting toolpaths with minimal user interaction.

Let me explain. Head porting is a special case used mostly by race engine builders. They are obsessed by horsepower and one of the best ways to increase horsepower is to ‘let the engine breathe’ by increasing both the intake and exhaust port openings.

Traditionally this has been done by hand by very talented individuals:

Imagine trying to do this once and then repeating it consistently for all the openings, not to mention that the port design, or actual shape, is only in the operator’s head.

The engine is then assembled and tested to make sure that it delivers the desired performance.

Many race engines will only be used once, or only a few times, so once this performance is dialed in it will be a challenge to consistently repeat the head-porting operation by hand.

This is where 5-axis CNC machining comes in. CNC machines are great on repeating the same operation as many times as needed. So the challenge now is to reverse engineer a manually ported ‘master port’ with some type of probing operation or a laser scanner. The end result of this is a CAD model of the port.

Mastercam’s Port Expert will then apply a controlled and efficient 5-axis toolpath to cut this CAD model. It will take into consideration the capability and limitations of any 5-axis equipment available and it will move the axis of that machine in a smooth, deliberate fashion.

Simply put, Port Expert makes a hard and complex job easy.

Please see more at the following links: PRI, Mastercam website and

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