New user interface for all Multiaxis Toolpaths

Mastercam is 28 years old this year. It is amazing how many great things have started in someone’s garage. The continued success of the Mastercam product line is directly proportional to its ability to continuously adapt to changes in technology. As CNC Software, Inc. and its flagship Mastercam continue to grow and expand into new markets and technology, our focus remains on our customers. We are committed to delivering tools that support the higher productivity and greater precision demanded by todays, and tomorrow’s manufacturing.

Evolution is change. Change is the only thing constant. The changes we made since that garage are huge but they came over time and the focus always remained on how to make something better for our customers. Better has multiple meanings: faster, more precise, more functionality, easier to use, for example. The trick is to balance all of these attributes.

Mastercam has a long established and very robust set of multiaxis toolpath generation capabilities. For X5 we redesigned the multiaxis user interface in order to simplify the user interaction. Ease of use promotes training and day-to-day interaction which is bringing this powerful capability to anyone’s reach.

There are numerous multiaxis toolpaths available, but they all share the above workflow. Just start on the top and choose a Toolpath Type, select a Tool, a Holder, chose from an available Cut Pattern, select the Tool Axis Control method and continue down the same path every time.

This is the new look:

Notice that the Toolpath Types are organized into 6 logical groups.

The toolpath dialogs are also organized with ease of use in mind. It only takes a quick glance to the tree-style dialog to see what branch is currently active. All the controls that are used in multiple toolpaths are positioned in the same place. On the right-hand side there is a large, dynamic image which changes every time the user clicks on any of the dialogs – giving the user an instant representation of what he or she is about to set/change.

If you need more information please click here to watch a video.


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