Getting Back to the Blog

The clock is ticking and before you know it another year passes by. Have you ever noticed that when you enjoy your work you tend to work harder and not even notice the time passing by? This is what has happened to me since my last blog.

Managing the Multiaxis milling product at Mastercam is the most fun I had in years. It has many challenges, it preoccupies my every waking hour and it requires constant attention. It makes me feel alive. I find myself thinking about work, after work, in the most unlikely places . . . on a hiking trail, on my bike, or in the middle of a lake in my kayak. Actually, my best ideas come to me during one of those activities.

I am very proud of the changes that had happened in the last year or so and I am very excited about what is coming in the future. We have completely redesigned the Mastercam X5 user interface to promote consistency and to create a user-friendly environment. We have conducted extensive focus group studies and kept a close eye on user feedback since the release of X5 and the response has been great.

Machine Simulation is now an intricate part of Mastercam and there are 17 of the most popular Multiaxis machine configurations installed with X5. We also install realistic, real life sample files for every Multiaxis toolpath. These sample files are designed so that they can be used as templates for the most popular Multiaxis applications.

We are in the process of adding more custom applications in an effort to transform complex jobs into routine ones and to bring them into the reach of all users.

It is very exciting to watch concepts turn into reality.


One Response to Getting Back to the Blog

  1. tina says:

    Hey Karlo,
    I enjoyed reading your blog about X5 and will remember to
    check-in to see what more you have to tell us.

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